Counselling for individuals

Counselling helps, it invites you to make real changes that affect every part of your life.

Do you ever ask “Why does this keep happening?” “Why do I keep doing that?” “Why do I feel this way?” Whilst I guess we all ask ourselves these questions from time to time but for some the consequences can be greater than for others: depression; anxiety; broken or damaged relationships with children, partners, family or friends; low self esteem; broken sleep or addictive behaviour. How do we understand where the destructive behaviours come from what triggers them and how do we change?

Counselling can really help. It can help us understand the behaviours and feelings that trouble us. Help us look at the world and ourselves differently, challenge what we do and why. Real change is often established through understanding – not from a list of “To Do Better.”  Understanding increases our choices allowing us to ask, “How can I behave/ respond differently?”

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